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Inverness community plan 

Too long a delay since our first blog.  Winter can be a quiet time around here, but not for everyone. Like realtors, like parents with kids in hockey, like people with long country driveways, who heat with wood.... get the picture?

Some wit said that life is what happens to us while we're busy making other plans. The community of Inverness is trying to plan its future right now, while life - particularly in the shape of Golf  - is happening to it.

There is a project underway to come up with a conceptual plan - by the end of March -  to address some of the most pressing issues affecting the community:  housing, economic development, land use planning, Central Avenue streetscape, waterfront development....  All in the light of how to attract people - entrepreneurs, families, retirees, former Invernessers living away, travellers - to visit and/or settle in the Inverness area.

Many people here feel a sense of a new beginning these days; that the community again has a future that no longer looks like a gradual decline.  A few new businesses have started up, more will be coming this year. Cabot Links is getting a lot of attention - and already some awards - in the golfing world, and the announcement of a sister course, Cabot Cliffs, is only adding to the buzz.  

The final report will be available very shortly, and more details can be seen on the team's FaceBook page 'Inverness Conceptual Plan'.  

The first action resulting from the plan will be in the form of the Facade Program.  This program provides 50/50 cost sharing for eligible businesses (those that front on, or are visible from, the main street, Central Avenue) to improve their storefronts: basically anything that affects the external look of the building. Design help and advice is available. Some sample facades (just hypothetical for now) have been drawn up, and they attracted a lot of attention at the last public meeting.  

If only the power lines could be buried!... and other impossible dreams.......

Here's hoping Spring is not an impossible dream. The beach and boardwalk did NOT look like this last year. 






Welcome to Inverness Properties! 

So here we are:  a new website for a new real estate brokerage operating in Inverness County.

Not all our listings are on the site yet, but the remainder soon will be. Apologies for the delay but it has been a gruelling business developing and loading the site, and web work is not our forte.  We hope the site will become more useful in time - there are many things that could be added - but we have to start somewhere.  We would like to invite any and all comments: positive and negative, suggestions, corrections...anything at all.

Future posts here will be more informative, and more interesting!  Suggestions for topics are welcome.  

Meantime it's winter in Cape Breton, and not much happens - just the way many of us like it! However the Chinese saying - a curse actually - "may you live in interesting times" is becoming true of the Inverness County area of late, and changes in our community, and day-to-day lives, seem to be on the horizon.  Stay tuned.

Paul and Leslie